Hello, Again!

Hi everyone!

It’s been ages (seriously ages!) since the last time I sat down and wrote something on my blog. And I was getting extremely bored of the old and plain (super plain!) design I chose while I was traveling that the inspiration just went away…

But now I’m back, and I promise this time I won’t leave anymore – for some time! I have been thru a LOT of exciting and interesting stuff during the past 6 months, tho whole traveling from China to Australia by bus, boat & train; the landing in Australia with NO idea of what to do and how to survive in this new World; the enthusiasm of starting a new and fascinating University here in Brisbane… Everything is still very wow~ish!

As I said, I will keep this blog up and running for the next ( whatever period of time ) and I will use it as a journal of my creative-experience (!?) and my world-exploration around here and who knows where else!

A couple of words about the new name: Cook and Hack. I have no idea of where it actually came from… I have always enjoyed cooking, and hacking (in which ever sense you want to interpret hacking – from computer code and hardware, to braking vacuum-cleaners!) so… Why not putting these two things together and have them working together: why cooking should be different from a computer built up from scratch? And why should a million lines of code software be different from a recipe to bake something? Let’s see what is gonna come out of here!

I will say goodbye for now by attaching an amazing video I’ve found a couple of days ago. Have fun!!

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