I’m back!

Alright, I am back. With a bunch of new exciting ideas and lots of stuff going on.

I am going to use this space to talk about my thesis project. I have recently started to research in the field of information and data visualisation which is a field I have always found extremely useful and not very well explored, especially when it comes to data mashups and giving meaning to data analysis. We are filling up our world with digital gadgets that do (almost) everything we want and need by generating huge amount of data that we’re still uncertain of how to use and analyse.

This video, from the CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design), is the outcome of a research project called “Quantified Self” which was looking at how we can visualize, in 3D space, information related to our sleep quality.

Another examples of alternative use of data, in this case data collected by using a mixture of FitBit trends and measurements and user feelings throughout a day, is the IAMI project, a curious and attractive way of generating a portrait.

During the development of my project I will try to look at how we could record and analyse specific patterns related to our lifestyle (sport activities, mood, workload, etc…) and merge them to our “personal financial world” (which will include mainly expenses and income), to create a budgeting platform that adapts to ourselves and gives us a real picture of how we manage our finance.

Keep tune for more updates to come, because this time I am not going to disappear!

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